PRC Helps Sweets in the City to Double-digit Sales Growth

Sweets in the City, one of the UK’s largest online sweet retailers, decided to use the services of Paul Ruocco Consulting (PRC) to relaunch their brand and re-focus their sales and marketing strategy.


They had achieved good listings with several fashion and homeware retailers, but were not seeing any pull-through from their online presence. PRC took the company back to basics and re-visited their business plan to see how relevant it was and also to see where a revised plan might be able to take the company.


Paul Ruocco worked closely with Sweets in the City owner, Sarah Curran, to devise a more focused sales and marketing strategy that would allow the company to concentrate on its core strengths. This involved closely identifying the target markets and getting the web site to generate volume sales.


Since the revised strategy has been implemented, Sweets in the City have experienced double-digit sales growth through its traditional sales channels, and almost double sales through the web site.


Sarah Curran was delighted with the results, “Thanks to Paul and the team at PRC we now have a booming web store and a growing UK customer base we were previously failing to reach. A revised strategy helped us achieved tangible growth by focusing on affordable marketing activity that delivered results.” 

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