International Development

Paul Ruocco Consulting has considerable experience of developing international business opportunities for UK and European businesses. Paul Ruocco personally has over 10 years experience working as an International Development Director for a company based in the UK. During this time he opened new operations in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland, Thailand, China and Brazil.

These new operations were a mixture of acquired existing companies, joint ventures, franchises and new business start-ups. Paul has used his skills since this time to assist a number of clients open offices and production facilities across Europe and Asia.

We can work with clients to identify opportunities for business growth via expansion, whether this be by acquisition, merger, joint venture or start-up, and then develop the contacts needed in each country. We can then act as the broker of the deal if required, bringing parties together confidentially to explore the possibilities.

Once the new office or site is planned, we can advises on legal and financial representation in each country and actually act on behalf of the company in that country if required.

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