Public Relations

Public relations is all about reputation. It’s the result of what you do, what you say, and what others say about you. It is used to gain trust and understanding between an organisation and its various publics – whether that’s employees, customers, investors, the local community – or all of those stakeholder groups.

PR can play a critical role in achieving a competitive advantage by, for example, opening new markets, attracting high-calibre employees, giving more access to funding and investors, creating a high value for products and services, and protecting businesses in times of crisis. All organisations, whether local or international, big or small, benefit from public relations.

Paul Ruocco Consulting works together with Suzanne Howe Communications to deliver a top class PR service to its clients. SHC is an independent public relations consultancy, specialising in trade and consumer campaigns for clients across the food, lifestyle, packaging and hygiene industries.

Together, we offer a complete communications service – from PR, marketing and event management, to photography, recipe development and design – tailor-made for every client.

Our highly-skilled team, drawn from big agency, media and a variety of industry backgrounds, combines years of experience with dedication and a passion for results.

We pride ourselves on our excellent copy-writing skills, our close relationships with journalists and clients and our professional, small company service.

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